3 thoughts on “Anarchology Episode 011 – Chicago Chaos”

  1. Where as this sourcebook will be cool, Im still waiting for a Bug City 2. They put tiny bits and pieces in various sourcebooks about various Insects … but not a huge update. Which I feel is needed, especially since I’ve played a Firefly Insect Shaman.

  2. Just FYI, but the character art (and that pre-gen, and the intro fiction) were based entirely on cover art that then got nixed and replaced, and I was told there wasn’t time for me to fix any of those. *shrug* It happens.

  3. I totally agree! At this point, some 29 or 30 years later.. im just tickled pink that my favorite tabletop RPG is still around! Things do indeed happen, and I look forward to all of the wonderful sourcebooks that are put out.

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