8 thoughts on “Pirates Actual Play Episode 000 – Arrr!”

  1. Like a great man once said, “And now for something completely different.”

    Super excited for the beginning of this new series, but I will always miss Buchner and Holmes’s homicidal bromance.

  2. As i was listening to this, i kept seeing two characters that would fit in… Deep Six, the Troll retired (discharged) Coast Guard rescue diver, and Pepe, the hyper mechanic nobody can understand and nobody wants because he brings “bad juju” to every ship he’s been on.

    Pardon me while i plunk some card numbers into Patreon…

  3. I’m pretty hyped for Haze (Hayes?) gamemastering the pirate campaign. His humour and style of play always cracks me up. And he did extremely well in the Friendship is Tragic episode. 😀

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