Episode 062 – Questions and Winners

AP Ep 62

In which Vox and Mr. Johnson answer some listener questions, talk with Ray Rigel of the Catalyst Demo Team about the poster contest, and announce the winners!

3 thoughts on “Episode 062 – Questions and Winners”

  1. The “german hat” Ray wears on poster #3 is a Tirolerhut, so technically it is more an austrian hat.

    Your’s right from Essen, Germany

  2. The Godzilla reference made me laugh. I’m glad everyone enjoyed my ideas – though an irradiated juggernaut wasn’t one of mine. Bloody good idea though :o)

  3. Thanks to Mr Rigel for highlighting the issue with security at the Arcology. Officer Terwillager has been reassigned, and BSI apologises for the inconvenience caused. Mr Rigel has now been placed on the ‘priority visitors list’ at the request of Mr Johnson

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