Episode 061 – Toxic Hazards

Toxic Hazard
Toxic Hazard by eek the cat

In which Vox and Mr. Johnson talk about toxic hazards. Also, a new Critter Corner and Storytime. Thanks to our Executive Producer for this episode, Francis Jose!

Show Notes:
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Catalyst Demo Team Poster Contest

Vote for your favorite in the episode comments, and we’ll announce the winner next episode!

#1:CDT Poster 1


#2:CDT Poster 2



CDT Poster 3


CDT Poster 4


CDT Poster 5

16 thoughts on “Episode 061 – Toxic Hazards”

  1. Juggernaut man… if there was any a time to be thankful for the Decrease Attribute (Logic) spell…

    Just gotta find a Mage with the cojones to run up and touch that thing.

  2. I vote #2
    I would have went with one, but his hand blends in with the shirt color on my phone.
    Kudos for creativity go all round.

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