Episode 036 – Crossfire


In which Vox and Mr. Johnson talk about the Shadowrun collectible card game, Crossfire. Also included: a new and extra-long Critter Corner. You may feel more at ease with a can of Raid nearby.

Show Notes:

Listener SpitDawg created this lovely breakdown of episode 36 by timestamp (Thanks!):

00:00 Intro
  • 2 New Gamers Tavern epsiodes(non-Shadowrun) (http://gamerstavern.org/)
  • 1 new Gamers Tavern episode (Shadowrun Actual Play)
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Main Topic
Critter Corner
46:20 Closing

3 thoughts on “Episode 036 – Crossfire”

  1. Love the information on Crossfire! I was a bit saddened to hear there are only 4 races though. I wonder why they decided against adding Dwarves? Maybe they will be added in an expansion?

      1. Maybe they only were excluded from the demo copy? Not done yet or something? Either way thank you for this review. I am for sure picking this up for my collection.

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