11 thoughts on “Actual Play Episode 003 – Hazard Pay”

  1. Great adventure, turns out it was a milk run :o) How the techno got 14 dice for an attack on the fly as a starting character is somewhat interesting though. And there’s a big chunk of silence in the middle of the podcast.

    1. Easy, hack on the fly is Hacking+Logic.

      Start off with 6 logic, 6 hacking, then you are in hot sim (+2 dice)

      THen you can have the Code slinger quality witch gives you a +2 dice for any single matrix action (hack on the fly).

      Then you can have the Aptitude wuality so you start with 7 Logic in stead of 6.

      THen you can have a Hacking specialization (hack on the fly) for another +2 dice.

      So it looks like you could start with a skill of 19.

    2. Thanks! It looks like the dice question was answered 🙂 – not sure what’s going on with the silence you mentioned. There definitely wasn’t a chunk of silence in the file we uploaded. Hmm.. I’ll have to listen to it.

  2. The silence is around the 16 minute mark, if I recall. Probably an editing/timeline cur-fuff-el.

    Waijhou, you can actually get up to 21 dice for Hack on the Fly at character creation, if you’re really min-maxing for it. Don’t forget a Cerebral Booster 2 to boost your Logic from 7 to 9. Though this is super specialized, being able to go for 3 marks with Hack on the Fly (a -10 modifier) at character creation is pretty cool.

    1. That would have been his Matrix initiative (INT + Data Processing + 4d6). He went full VR just before the big chunk of silence @ the 16 minute mark.

  3. That guy was basically abusing Clairovoyance. It wouldn’t be able to follow a moving vehicle. It can only view one place at a time “ala remote viewing” The whole idea of that its an “Eye in the Sky” is ridiculous and not the way that spell works.

  4. Another thing, is how is anyone able to target a lightning bolt into another van from a moving vehicle that is ramming a mailbox and troll?? This episode just basically spun off to the edge of absurd and perhaps that’s the nature of this gameplay (Pink Mohawk) but that was my impression overall.

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