Bonus Episode 001 – Interview with Justin from the Hiddengrid

Join us for the first bonus episode of the Arcology Podcast, in which Mr. Johnson interviews Justin from the Hidden Grid: The Sixth World Chronicles actual play Shadowrun podcast. Our conversation covers the topics of running a game online, GM’ing Shadowrun, and more.

12 thoughts on “Bonus Episode 001 – Interview with Justin from the Hiddengrid”

  1. Being a big fan of Hiddengrid I Loved the Interview, the only problem was that I had to wait to listen to this at home as at work we’re allowed to listen to music, podcasts, etc. but only with one headphone/earbud in and this interview was split by L/R channels.

    1. We can find no reason why iTunes hasn’t yet posted this. But it’s been long enough since we posted it that I’m afraid it won’t make it up there. When I have a chunk of time, I may give iTunes customer service a ring (if that’s even possible.. I’m not sure!) and see if I can’t get to the bottom of this. Until such time, though, you’ll have to access it through the website. Apologies for any inconvenience!

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