Episode 032 – Combat Maneuvers: Run & Gun #4

Swategway by seantyler
Swategway by seantyler

In which Mr. Johnson and Vox discuss the combat maneuvers introduced in Run & Gun. Also included is a new segment, Extraterritoriality, which covers house rules.

Show note:

Here’s a nifty picture of the weapon mentioned in our listener question today. An exotic weapon, to be sure.

Actual Play Episode 001 – Don’t Call it a Milk Run

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You’ve been incredibly patient and the time has now arrived. Introducing The Arcology Actual Play Podcast: Episode 001 (Don’t Call it a Milk Run).

We sincerely hope you like it; we’ve had a blast playing it and have many, many episodes to follow. You may have noticed it bears the “explicit” tag. That’s because players will be players and we aren’t going to hunt down all the exclamations that merit an explicit tag. Instead, we’re just slapping the tag on and advising “listener beware.” Or at least: listeners with sensitive systems, small ears, or easily damaged sensibilities beware.

Enjoy. 🙂

Episode 031 – Armor: Run & Gun #3

In which Mr. Johnson and Vox examine the threads that will keep you from getting geeked. Or at least make you look better falling down. Also, our first impressions of Stolen Souls, and a special announcement.Anonymous_John_II_Casimir_in_a_chainmail

Episode 030 – Hero Lab and Earthdawn: Interview Double Feature

In which your hosts take a brief break from Run & Gun.


Mr. Johnson interviews Colen McAlister of Lone Wolf Development briefly about the Shadowrun 5 Herolab update,




then moves from the Sixth World to the Fourth World to discuss Earthdawn 4th edition with Josh Harrison, the line developer for Earthdawn.

Episode 029 – Weapon Accessories: Run & Gun #2

In which Vox and Mr. Johnson discuss the weapon accessories and modifications found in Run & Gun. In the second half of the show, Mr. Johnson sits down to talk with Colen of Lone Wolf Development about Realm Works campaign management software.

Episode 028 – Arsenal: Run & Gun #1


In which Vox and Mr. Johnson go through all the goodies in the Arsenal section of Run & Gun. In the news, some podcast love abounds, and we have a new story!

Show notes:

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Miskatonic University Podcast Indie Gogo Campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/miskatonic-university-podcast-2014-gencon-fundraiser

Episode 027 – Talking Shadowrun with the Gamer’s Tavern

In which Mr. Johnson talks Shadowrun with Ross Watson and Darryl Mott Jr. of the Gamer’s Tavern Podcast, plus a new listener story!

Show notes:





Episode 026 – Improving Your Rigger: Advanced Shadowrunner Dossier #4

In which Vox and Mr. Johnson discuss ways to improve your rigger. Plus an in-depth rundown of most of the wheels, legs, tracks, and blades on which you’ll be itching to spend your nuyen!

Episode 025 – Harebrained Schemes Interview

In which Vox and Mr. Johnson briefly discuss the release of Run & Gun, and Mr. Johnson interviews Mitch Gitelman and Jordan Weisman of Harebrained Schemes, and tries not to panic.